Saturday, February 12, 23:50 (?) CST
Woke up this morning to the sounds of my sister playing the piano, my dad running a belt sander in the dining room, and a canary attempting to compete with both of them. It being Saturday, I went back to sleep. Gotta love the weekend.

Saw Girl, Interrupted last night. Enjoyed it. Good acting by both Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie, who makes for an excellent sociopath. Good supporting cast as well, though I'd be hard put to name anyone aside from Whoopi Goldberg. The ending was a little weak, and there wasn't much in the way of a plot, but that's ok.

I felt a little subversive not seeing Scream 3, unlike everyone else at the theater between the ages of 2 and 36. As a friend of mine pointed out, we could've seen an early showing, then waited around for a later one and told everyone in the theater who the killer was. Shame ideas like that only come after it's too late to act on them. (Ok, maybe not.)

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