Thursday, February 17, 22:03 CST
My dad's Handspring Visor came today. From what I've seen so far, it's a cool gadget. Everything (good and bad) you'd expect from a Palm OS machine, with enough small differences to make it stand out. Good case design, buttons with a nice clicky feel to them, a screen that's a noticeable improvement over the Palm3x, a usable looking Date Book program, 8 megs of RAM, a USB docking cradle... On the downside, both the included plastic cover and the stylus suck.

I haven't had any opportunity to check out the Visor's supposedly Killer App feature, the Springboard expansion slot (a Gameboy-like slot on top of the machine that's intended for everything from backup modules and games to cell phones and MP3 players)... Looks like a potentially Cool Thing, anyway. And I imagine my dad'll be happy with it. Unless he decides that it would've been better to stick with 15 pounds of paper organizer, which I suppose is quite possible.

Suppose I should go do homework now. If I can pry my hands from the keyboard and pick up my Backpack 'o Massive Textbooks without being distracted by that copy of The Two Towers sitting next to it...

Once in a while I wish I'd developed some will power.

It usually passes fairly quickly.

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