Tuesday, February 22 (posted later)
My modem is doing weird things. Refuses to reset or hang up. Suppose I'll reboot when I'm done typing this.

Pointless fact(?) of the day: A US $1 bill weighs right around 1 gram. As does a $5 or a $10. Some sort of standard. But if you weigh a $20 (one of the new ones), it's only about .9 grams. The thrilling things you can learn messing around with a scale in physics.

Cool PalmOS software I've installed lately:

  • Galax - Cool little Galaga style alien blasting game.
  • A new version of CSpotRun, a nifty free DOC reader. It's been GPLed now... Something I'd like to contribute to, with the small problem that I don't know C. Yet.

My .exrc (vi configuration) file. Nothing much, but K is mapped to split a line at 80 characters (or at the last word on the line, whichever comes first), which is sort of a useful counterpart to J joining 2 lines. I'm sure there's some other, better way to do this.

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