Sunday, February 27, 13:30 CST
It's beautiful out there. Sun and warmth and all that. Maybe I'm just out of sync with the weather since it hasn't really acted much like winter yet (and it's probably a little late now), but this weather just seems wrong for the end of February. Oh well. Might as well enjoy it. Or at least take a nap in the sun, like all those cats out on the lawn.

I saw Pitch Black Friday, wasn't quite sure what to expect, but figured it'd be worth seeing. I'd say it was actually a better than average Alien(s) ripoff. A cool premise, a decent cast, some good effects and camera work... It really needed *more*, though. A more cohesive plot, a little less predictability, more development of the characters and background... Something. Could've been a great flick. As is, it's scary/cool enough to be entertaining, and there are a few very cool moments.

There was a /. discussion a few days ago on ergonomic keyboards, RSI and so forth, something I've been more than a little interested in lately. Lots of interesting and (as usual) conflicting advice.

Thanks to a suggestion on Stephen's Home Page, I checked out blackbox, a window manager that aims to be fast and efficient, without eye-candy bloat. Sort of the anti-Enlightenment, though it does actually look pretty spiffy, in a sparse sort of way. And it is pleasantly fast on my ancient p75. Now I'm torn between it and Window Maker...

Ok, I'm going outside now.

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