Tuesday, February 29, 22:01 CST
Happy bissextile day, everyone.

Tim O'Reilly has a piece up talking about Amazon.com's recent software patent hijinks, and the boycott. He's also posted an open letter to Amazon, and is inviting people to sign. He's not outright supporting the boycott (given how many O'Reilly books Amazon sells, this isn't exactly surprising), but this is a fairly strong statement to be making. And I pretty much have to agree with most of his arguments. If and when Amazon stops engaging in this sort of idiocy, they might see my business again. Given that they apparently just got a patent on the associates program, I doubt that's happening any time soon.

Hmm... Suppose I should go through all my back updates and clean out associates program links to Amazon. I'm pretty sure I've never gotten a single referral fee, but last I checked I was sending them half a dozen hits a week. (We're talking BIG numbers here.)

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