Monday, March 20 (posted later)
The Ford Taurus sucks. Like a fat kid trying to pull a McDonald's pseudo-milkshake uphill through 50 yards of garden hose. More specifically, riding in the back seat of one for 6 hours with 2 other people, sucks.

Nothing much happened last week. At least, I don't think much happened last week.

Left Friday night for a quiz bowl tournament in Savannah, Missouri. Stayed in a Drury Inn in St. Joseph (getting maybe 3 hours of sleep), then drove to Savannah and spent all day at the Savannah high school. We didn't do too badly - won 2 of 4 matches, made it into the single elimination tournament and (not surprisingly) got eliminated in the first round. I have to admit to taking a childish pleasure in watching the team that beat us get slaughtered later on. Something about the deer-in-the-headlights look that people who take this stuff really seriously get on their faces when they're beaten.

(The secret of quiz bowl and academic competitions: Take it too seriously, and you might as well stay home playing Trivial Pursuit alone and administer electrical shocks to yourself for wrong answers. You'll have at least as much fun, and no one else will have to watch you cry.)

We drove into Kansas City Saturday afternoon. Killed a few hours, and went to a comedy club that night, which was cool.

Sunday, we drove home and I went to bed.

And now it's Spring.

I graduate in 50 days. No more high school. And 'bout time (nothing like flunking 7th grade to drag things out). Still, I keep getting the feeling I missed something. And it's not like I have the faintest clue what I want to do with my life now.

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