Monday, April 3 (posted later)
*Really* doing a terrible job updating this lately.

Went to a casino yesterday with friends... Interesting experience. Or frightening, depending on how you look at it. Something about all those old people at slot machines, pumping quarters and pushing the little button for hours on end, staring blankly ahead. Even worse are the ones with the little debit card thing that plugs into a slot on the machine and has a convenient cord with a clip to attach to your clothes. It's like you can see it sucking the life out of them...

I probably would've come out ahead by a few bucks if I'd stayed at the blackjack table (or quit once I left it), but I can only spend so much time deliberately making myself look like an idiot. Then I decided to play roulette. I'm only down $16 or so... Which I should probably have bought a trade paperback or something with, but oh well.

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