Wednesday, May 17 (posted later)
Ahhh, a shiny new Linux installation.

True, it's still Debian 2.1, but there's some spiffy new stuff here, and I'm finally looking at a decent color depth in X. Now I just need to grab some other software I've been putting off installing for a while, fiddle with some settings, and get sound working.

I'd definitely recommend this boxed version of Debian, if you're going to buy a Linux distro off the shelf somewhere. There's some pretty outdated stuff here, but it all seems to be stable and well put together, and the documentation that comes in the box is actually pretty good.

Of course, I haven't tried any of the other distros packaged this way. Or really many of the other distros... I definitely need to check out Mandrake some time, among others.

p1k3 / 2000 / 5 / 17
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