Monday, May 22, 0:30 CDT
Well, it coulda been a lot worse. Coulda been better, too. I refer, of course, to the somewhat lackluster X-Files season finale.

On the plus side, I've developed quite a liking for Malcom in the Middle... If it weren't for all the manufactured hype the show got, it'd be one of those quirky little sitcoms that you really enjoy for the season and a half before it gets cancelled to make way for something with better demographics.

I managed to break one of the little plastic leveller things (what, exactly, would you call those?) on my keyboard the other day. Fortunately, my leatherman tool is the right height to rest the corner of the board on. You know, there would be something to be said for making input devices out of something a little less brittle than this plastic. Titanium, for example.

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