Thursday, May 25, 13:08 CDT
Not much has happened lately. One hopes that changes one of these days.

I actually got up at 6:30 this morning to run with a friend of mine. Well, he ran. I jogged 3/4 of a mile, and thought I was going to die. I would say I'm out of shape, but I think that would imply that at some point in my life I was *in* shape...

I wrote up a short review of Neverwhere the other day, for a review/commentary site project that Saalon (of Daemonsong) and Gurney have in the works. I'm planning to write stuff for them on a regular basis, so whenever it actually goes up, expect to see quite a few links to stuff there. It sounds like the kind of project that could be pretty cool, without being too ambitious. After all, we all ramble endlessly about media as is - might as well expose it to a wider audience.

I've been watching Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network, when I remember it's on. I caught some of the later episodes the first time around, but I was never sure exactly what was going on. Trying to stick with the story at this point... I'm fairly impressed by this show, despite the repetitive action scenes and the sheer cheesiness of the translated dialog. It's got an interesting set of characters, a pretty good plot, and lots of cool looking giant robots.

Then there's Dragon Ball Z, which as near as I can come to describing it, is like an anime version of American professional wrestling with planet-wrecking explosions. The sort of thing you have to be in a very specific state of mind to enjoy for more than a couple of minutes. (Mild intoxication or sleep deprivation, for example.) That said, I have been watching more of it lately. I suppose this sort of thing is an acquired taste.

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