Friday, June 30, 14:33 CDT
Well, that was simple enough to fix. I had diald, a demand dialing package, installed. Apparently what it does is act as a pseudo-network connection until something tries to send data over the network, when it dials in and grabs a PPP connection. So if you started Netscape and tried to load this page, it'd automatically dial in and send your request. Actually seems pretty useful, but it was conflicting weirdly with my current setup, and uninstalling it seemed easier than messing around with it.

I've been playing a little with the GIMP lately... I'm rediscovering that the mouse doesn't make a very good drawing tool. Or possibly I just suck at using it.

There's a bunch of pen and ink stuff I'd like to put on my non art page, but I don't have access to a scanner. Sure, they're probably not that expensive at the moment, but for some reason I'm broke. Probably has something to do with being a jobless slacker.

Friday, June 30, 1:13 CDT
Ok, so I was wrong. Looks like I'll be flying in to Washington (well, BWI) on Friday the 7th, and coming home the following Monday. Cool. :)

My dialup connection has gotten flaky (flakier than usual). I suppose this means things are now set up differently than they were before, and I should start messing around with config files. Think I'm just going to be lazy and put up with it for tonight.

Ahh, a pointless random poll.

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