Monday, June 5, 21:43 CDT
Well, I just got done registering for classes at Wayne State College. Much excitement. (Just sort of coasted into going to Wayne for lack of any real decision about what I was going to do.)

The site is kind of rough, there's a definite shortage of content for the time being, and the URL is too long, but check out Points of View. I suppose it counts as shameless self promotion since I'm involved, but I'll say it anyway: This has the potential to be cool.

Ok, so maybe there're already way too many opinionated review sites out there. But we're different. No, really. We don't suck. Honest.

You might notice that POV's layout is reminiscent of's, for the pretty good reason that that's where we stole it. Ok, so maybe it's not *that* similar, but it's got little tables with heavy black borders. ;)

I finally got around to trying a recent build of Mozilla, both on Windows and Linux. I have to say it looks pretty spiffy, and it seems pretty cool as browsers go, but... Well, on a Pentium 75, it runs like a crippled turtle wading through molasses. This is not especially surprising. This is, after all, a 5 year old machine that wasn't exactly top-of-the-line when new. On the other hand, it's still kind of disappointing.

Ok, I realize Mozilla isn't "just" a browser. It's a whole bunch of stuff. I've seen it compared to the Java virtual machine, discussed as a way to build cross-platform applications. And I realize that the demands on a browser these days are pretty heavy. And yet...

Why is it that something like Opera can do almost anything that I want a browser for, on this machine, and we don't have a Free Software equivalent? Why is it that all of the really cool features that I want to see in a browser are just a pipe dream, while people spend massive effort on new ways to make text look flashy?

I'm not knocking Mozilla. Give it a little more time, it looks like we'll have a cool, open, multiplatform alternative to IE, with all sorts of capabilities. That's great.

But what I'd really like, right now, is just a web browser. Something more like a graphical Lynx than a new and improved version of the Big Two web browsers. Something small and fast that does the job of displaying web pages, and does it well. Without worrying about all the extra crap, or trying to compete to have the most bells and whistles.

Time to go hunting software.

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