Thursday, June 8, 11:46 CDT
It's hot. Hot and windy. Thermometer hit 97° (F) yesterday, 100° today... Summer has arrived.

I just watched one of my sister's 4H lambs jump several feet straight upwards, into the ceiling of the shelter it was standing under. Loud *clonk*, lamb drops like rock. Sheep can be amusing.

Need to find a word definition? Or are you just one of those weird people who occasionally enjoys paging through dictionaries? Either way, dict is cool. Oh yeah, and so is A.Word.A.Day.

The ongoing search for a really good web browser: Konqueror, the KDE project's file manager/browser looks promising.

The obligatory Microsoft commentary: The more analytical side of me says that there is some real possibility that an MS breakup is, in the grand scheme of things, not the best possible outcome for the world. Maybe this sets a bad precedent, and it's probably wise to consider that MS is far from the only "evil corporate empire" in the world... Who really stands to benefit most from this? The average computer user, or, say, the minions of darkness at AOL/Time Warner? What, in the long run, is really going to change about the software most people are running? And in the end, what good can come out of something involving so many lawyers? I don't claim to be terribly clueful here, but there are some nagging little doubts...

The rest of me is saying something along the lines of "MUAHAHAHA! VENGEANCE AT LAST! YOU'RE GOING DOWN IN FLAMES, YOU ARROGANT BASTARDS!"

You may get the impression that I feel no great love for Microsoft. While I am not a foaming-at-the-mouth MS basher, this would be correct. Sure, I'll freely acknowledge that MS played a huge role in creating the world of personal computing as it is today, good as well as bad. And sure, if it weren't for MS or someone like them, the conditions that gave birth to Linux and a host of other cool things would probably never have arisen. But you can only take so much frustration, so much dealing with mediocre, just-good-enough software, so much arrogant BS, before you begin to develop a little resentment.

On the balance, this should at least make things a little more interesting for the next couple of years.

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