Wednesday, July 12, 0:50 CDT (posted later)
I'm downloading the Helixcode distribution of GNOME, so I might as well write an update while I'm waiting around...

My flight on Friday wound up being delayed, but otherwise the trip went smoothly. I even got reseated into first class on one leg of the flight. Got into BWI a little before 6:30. (Or 7:30? Time zone changes never fail to confuse me somewhere along the line.) Met Brent at the gate, and we drove to his house (nice place).

The weekend was generally cool, though there's not a whole lot to write about here. Gurney/Brent, Saalon/Eric, and I basically spent most of the time talking, 'net surfing, watching anime, and talking. Think live-action IRC session. Brainstorming is fun, as is just getting to interact in Real Life (tm) with people you normally communicate with purely by text.

Watched some anime I'm going to have to attempt to review.

Did you know NASA has a cable TV channel? The content appears to be 90% or better views of Earth recorded by various shuttle crews. Bizarre, but oddly hypnotic.

Got on the plane around 2:00 Monday, and made it home with little incident. Not much has happened since then.

A really intense storm just went over. The kind where the thunder is just a steady roar, and once it passes over you can see almost continuous lightning. Like some kind of ongoing explosion, almost. We had a largeish chunk of tree come down on a power line, which means I get to reduce it to firewood in the morning. Fun.


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