Wednesday, July 19 (posted later)
Well, I justed watched the 49th and final episode of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network. I actually managed to see most of the series this time around (if you're going to understand what's going on at any time, you pretty much have to see everything from episode one on), and it was definitely cooler the second time around. Despite the repetitive action, the constant blathering about pacifism, the way that the English dub probably doesn't do it justice, and the fact that the main characters are pretty boys with bizarre physics defying 80's glam haircuts, I like this show.

It's got badass giant humanoid robot war machines, an unbelievable amount of plot/backstory that's actually decent military/political SF, and stuff blows up real good. In short, it's well worth your time. Keeping in mind that if you miss so much as 2 episodes in a row at any given point, there's a pretty good chance you'll lose complete track of the plot.

One of these days, I'll get around to writing (maybe as a collaborative effort) some kind of lengthy review of the series.

Meanwhile, I posted a Chicken Run review to POV.

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