Tuesday, July 25, 23:23 CDT
And, once again, not much has happened lately.

I saw X-Men Friday. I'm pretty sure it's the best comic book film adaptation ever made. It was pretty much everything a summer blockbuster should be (and almost never is).

The Coming Age of Calm Technology is one of the better interface related pieces I've read lately. Lavaps, a process tracking tool inspired by the concept of calm computing, is one of the coolest things I've installed lately. It uses lava-lamp like blobs to display the state of all the programs you have running, which both looks cool and is somehow actually useful. First time I've ever left any program like this running for an extended period of time and felt like it was a good addition to my interface.

I found both of those links in an interesting piece on Advogato about the potential for free software to create the Anti-Mac Interface.

In turn, I stumbled across Advogato, which I'd seen occasionally mentioned but never actually bothered to look at, in a Salon article referenced in the last NTK.

I think it's going to storm... Or maybe it'll pass us by to the east, but that looks like a lot of cloud...

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