Tuesday, August 29, 23:21 CDT
Well, I was going to get something done, but instead I wound up watching Strange Brew. If you haven't seen it, well, um... Let's just say it's that rare kind of stupid bad comedy that's entertaining anyway.

Tuesday, August 29, 14:34 CDT (posted later)
Wow, I have been out of touch... I see Debian has finally officially released v2.2, which I've more or less been running for a while now. LinuxPlanet has a good review. It also looks like they're going to be doing a testing distribution that'll be somewhere in between the stable (i.e., really out of date) and unstable (i.e., as bleeding edge as the distro gets, and buggy) trees.

I see Stephen's been updating his page again. And, it'd appear, leading a far more interesting life than I. Go figure. ;)

Did I say 20 k/sec? I've been getting 45k... This is like... Ok, I can't think of a good metaphor. But it would involve some sort of illegal narcotic.

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