Sunday, August 6, 19:41 CDT
Random observations on animal life: There're ~13 barn swallows sitting in a row on the power line outside the South windows of this building. I suppose some of them must be the ones that were in the nest on our front porch. They've been nesting there ever since we tore down the old barn and all the assorted out buildings that used to be the other half of this property...

Funny little birds, barn swallows.

After reading this, I checked out Kevin and Kell... A surprisingly good comic that's sort of hybrid furry/BBS/Internet/family humor. (Yes, that is in fact a bizarre combination. But hey, it works.)

I repeat my assertion that the 'net will be the salvation of the comic strip as a medium, even as newspapers demonstrate ever greater cluelessness about one of the coolest art forms ever created...

I'm taking off tomorrow morning with the family for Kansas. Probably be at my grandparents' house for a good part of the week. Think I'm going to take a big stack of books and make up somewhat for how little reading I've done this summer.

Probably also be good to spend some time away from anything resembling a keyboard.

And now I'm going to go look through assorted paperwork and figure out how deeply in debt I need to put myself to pay for college. Oh, this is going to be *fun*.

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