Monday, September 11, 22:21 CDT
How many of the IMDb's bottom 100 movies have you seen?

If you're much interested in pen & paper gaming or free software, this interview and the stuff at are interesting, to say the least.

Monday, September 11, 20:21 CDT
Maybe things are back to normal now...

Ever notice how if there's something you really want to do on the Unix command line, there's almost certainly already a way to do it, provided you can somehow figure out which obscure little switch or what syntax to use?

Monday, September 11, 19:59 CDT
Now I *know* I'm wasting bandwidth...

Oh well, this *is* pretty nifty. Should save me all sorts of messing around with FTPing stuff.

Granted, it's nowhere near as good as redesigning the site and building some kind of real backend for it, but how soon am I going to get that done anyway?

Somewhat depressing to note that this is pulling in a bunch of hits. Do I *really* want people's first (or only) introduction to my writing to be badly written Quake fic?

Monday, September 11, 19:42 CDT
Playing with weex, an FTP synchronization tool that basically makes a remote directory match a local one. So, for example, you just stick a copy of your web site in a local directory, edit it there, and run weex when you want to upload it.

I think I'm wasting quite a bit of bandwidth in the process, but somehow I just can't bring myself to feel terribly guilty.


Just deleted everything in my cgi.bin directory... No problem, I can re-upload. Must be because I told it to ignore the local copy. This ain't exactly what I'd call intuitive.

Grr. I'll bet all those permissions are reset.

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