Sunday, September 24, 20:19 CDT (posted later)
Ahh, the Linux console. Refreshing, once in a while, after all those flashy chrome-heavy GUIs... Sometimes you just want a little text.

I'm back at the dorm, after spending another uneventful weekend at home.

Spent some time helping my dad cut down a (big, uncooperative, you might even say vengeful) walnut tree this afternoon... He bought all the walnuts in a grove about 20 miles from home, with the intention of getting as much lumber out of them as possible, and then (this is where it gets vague) somehow realizing a profit on the whole deal. We're better than half done, but I suspect we'll be working on it for quite a while. Then there's figuring out something to do with the wood... Furniture? Roll-top desks?

There's something oddly satisfying about running a chainsaw. A satisfaction which probably stems partly from the fact that I haven't yet managed to inflict grievous injury on my own cherished person with one. Despite being perhaps one of the clumsiest individuals alive.

Have you ever thought about how much havoc a small group of determined people with chainsaws could wreak? Forget bad horror movie chase scenes with screaming coeds and nutjobs in masks. Picture phone and electric lines downed, trees dropped across roads... Throw in a 4 wheel drive pickup, some log chain, a pair of wire cutters, plenty of gas, maybe some black powder or TNT...

What, like *you've* never indulged in a little idle speculation about waging small scale war against civilization?

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