Tuesday, September 26, 21:52 CDT
Well, KDE certainly seems cool at first glance. Except that it took forever to load, and it's being painfully sluggish for some reason, this is definitely worth checking out further. Looks to be ahead of GNOME in a number of ways, lagging behind in others. At least initially, there's definitely more of a feeling of cohesiveness to the whole thing, and a more complete set of basic apps and config tools.

(It's officially in Debian now, BTW. apt-get install task-kde, and away you go.)

Abrupt random subject shift (now there's something HTML needs a tag for): Gotta link to the The Annotated Dennis Miller.

Some tweaking of settings makes KDE a little more responsive, but not nearly enough.

Wow, do I really need to be studying for a history test.

Tuesday, September 26, 15:37 CDT
Would someone explain to me why most of the spam I've been getting lately is advertising bulk e-mailing lists?

How effective can it possibly be to market your product to the people it serves to harass on a daily basis?

Tuesday, September 26, 14:36 CDT
Think I use too many ...'s?

El*lip"sis, n.; pl. Ellipses. L., fr. Gr. ? a leaving, defect, fr. ? to leave in fall short; ? in + ? to leave. See In, and Loan, and cf. Ellipse.
1. (Gram.) Omission; a figure of syntax, by which one or more words, which are obviously understood, are omitted; as, the virtues I admire, for, the virtues which I admire.
2. (Geom.) An ellipse. Obs.

Er, anyway. I just went to the W3C site to make sure I remembered how to do a definition list (like the one above). Noticed once again that there're all sorts of nifty HTML tags that get less use than they should. Stuff like <abbr>, <acronym>, and <cite>. I should really redo this page in something other than HTML 3.2... XHTML, maybe?

Tuesday, September 26, 1:28 CDT
Well, I'm downloading KDE... I've been using GNOME considerably longer than I thought I would (and mostly liking it), so I figure I might as well give the other desktops a chance.

Some genius just wedged a little stack of pennies in between a door and a doorframe down the hall, which (interestingly enough) keeps the door from unlocking. Juvenile, yes, but good to know...

Really ought to find some kind of rope ladder or something that could be lowered from our window. Just in case.

Listening to a CD of Aaron Copland music... Good as this stuff is, I *still* can't help thinking Beef... It's what's for dinner. every time I hear it.

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