Wednesday, September 27, 19:31 CDT
Watched "Midnight on the Firing Line" on Sci-Fi a little earlier...

B5 in widescreen is cool. Actually, B5 is just plain cool. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this show.

Of course, I'll probably enjoy the sometimes mediocre, and once or twice downright awful, first season more knowing both how much better it gets, and where it's going (how many shows do you know of that foreshadow things that'll happen 4 seasons later in the *first* episode?).

Commercials and squashed sped up credits are annoying (though at least the SFC has promised to run the credits for episodes where it actually matters unsquashed).

Wednesday, September 27, 17:43 CDT
Reading an article on freshmeat about software packaging for Linux distros. Surprisingly, though a lot of the comments are essentially .deb vs. .rpm, it's actually a pretty thoughtful discussion about the topic (rather than, say, a juvenile flamewar).

Personally I pretty much love Debian's package system. It's obviously not perfect, but I'm pretty sure they're on the right track, and most of the time installing/upgrading stuff couldn't be easier, even on a Mac or Windows box.

instmon, a shell script that tracks stuff you install. Looks useful for keeping track of things you compile from scratch rather than install from a binary package.

Wednesday, September 27, 16:16 CDT
dircproxy looks interesting - an IRC server proxy that keeps a connection to a server open for you, and lets you connect with a standard IRC client from anywhere.

I sort of wonder if anything's being done these days to adapt or expand IRC... Why, for example, shouldn't it be able to function well in the instant messenger space?

(Ok, I know that's a complex question and that there're fundamental differences... It's a question stemming from the simple fact that, put bluntly, most instant messaging services suck in a variety of ways, whereas IRC is IMO actually good.)

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