Thursday, September 28, 19:12 CDT
Just watched "Soul Hunter". Good ep, even though I pretty much hate the soul hunter character design...

The waterfight out in the hall seems to have escalated. I hear splashing.

Should really do that physics homework... Especially with that test coming up and all.

Thursday, September 28, 15:29 CDT
Well, I just spent something like 3 hours reading rec.arts.sf.written... I've been making one of my periodical doomed attempts to keep at least slightly caught up on the group. It's a little easier now that I have a permanent connection, but it's the kind of time-sucking activity that I'd probably be ill-advised to get too heavily into right now, even if I *could* keep up with it. And I'm just lurking... Forget about actually participating in the discussion.

(Actually, pretty much every time I've ever posted to usenet, I come off looking like (at best) a jackass. I'd use DejaNews to demonstrate this, but (perhaps mercifully), their archives now only go back to May '99.)

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