Monday, September 4, 11:29 CDT
Wow, my hands are sore. Waaay too much Quake last night. Especially since I couldn't figure out how to get my mouse working with svgalib...

If you set up the traditional WASD scheme, use the right and left arrows to turn, and the up arrow to fire, you can get sort of decent control with just a keyboard, but it's hard on the hands and you still don't get any control over vertical aiming. The mouse is the only way to go.

Remind me not to ride a bike in LA.

My first couple weeks of college have been pretty much entirely uneventful. Not exactly surprising, I guess. Nor is it terribly surprising that this campus is completely empty today... People leave on the weekends anyway, and with today off, I think there might be all of 20 people scattered around here... Suppose I'll go home for a while.

Theoretically, POV was supposed to go "live" today, which probably means I should be writing some content for it. Think I'll go do that.

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