Wednesday, September 6, 23:52 CDT

It's amazing what can keep me amused.

Turns out you can stick a cgi exec in a file you're including, and it'll still work fine... Server Side Includes are fun. (And just think, I could have spent that time reading a textbook... Good thing I have my priorities straight.)

Wednesday, September 6, 23:25 CDT
Dumb & Dumber... Intellectually stimulating it ain't, but hey, it's entertainment.

Figured out the counter thing. Sort of. Every time I tackle even the smallest scripting problem, I remember how truly lacking my skills are. On the plus side, that means that solving utterly trivial problems gives me that "I am a genius!" feeling for a good 5 minutes.

Anyway, now I can put my puny little counter script on every page here and start collecting statistics to further my insidious plans. Cue evil laughter. Hmm... Wonder what would happen if I stuck the counter script inside the little nav bar that I include in all these files...

(Ever get the feeling that I'm talking to myself here?)

Wednesday, September 6, 20:51 CDT
Messing with lame hacked up counter script... Thinking about getting all ambitious with this site... [error occurred while processing this directive]... Grr. Maybe if I... No, but why wouldn't that... ARGH! Ok, so I'll just take the easy way out and... Whaddya mean "Making HTTP connection"? You've been making a connection for 5 minutes... Frustration setting in...

Roommate's going to watch a movie. Good idea. Drink a pop, relax, come back to this later.

Pop machine eats change.

Things are just not going my way lately...

Wednesday, September 6, 16:31 CDT
You never know when something like a Glossary of Postal Terms is going to come in handy...

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