Thursday, January 11, 12:08 CST

Ok, so I'm done for the day, and I only have one class tomorrow. Not that this is a bad thing, slacker that I am, but if I'm only going to take 14 hours, I definitely need to get a job.

Actually, my finances being what they are, I need to get a job anyway.

Anyone feel like paying me large sums of money to do the things I do now for free?

Didn't think so.

Anyone feel like paying me to build a computer? Here pretty soon, I should actually know how...

Think I'm going to head home tomorrow, in hopes that all my essential computer stuff will have arrived by then. I'll be taking the Ancient and Venerable Gateway 2000 home, in order to install it as an e-mail/web machine, and swap the network card out into the new box (nobody tell Network Services...). All of which means I might not be updating this for a bit again.

Be sure to tune in next time for the first exciting installment of "Brennen Tries to Build a Computer".

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