Friday, October 12

I don't know where I'm going with this.


comes soon
the fall
leaves wot
light's turned


let me die


The voice seemed distant at first, coming from a place he'd almost forgotten he
was.  He had a brief impression of falling, a dark animal moving swiftly
through the space he occupied, and the return of pain.  It was his sister,
taller now, her hair longer than he had remembered, her face more sharply
defined.  Beautiful, he was startled to realize.

There was tension in her voice, and something else.

Brother.  Come.  There is need.

He opened his eyes.

Light transfixed him sound returned like surfacing from a pool the warm sure
knowledge of sun striking outstretched leaves roots gnarling deep into earth
passed from him cold autumn air exploded through his burning lungs the scent of
leaves spiked sharp into his nose a faint echo of some unnameable sense.  If
he had been able, he would have screamed.

He whispered.  "How long?"

"Three years.  It is October."

He closed his eyes again for a moment, felt himself reeling in some unknown
direction, and stood.  The agony was as waking too early from death.

She opened a water bag slung on her shoulder, took a swallow, and offered him
the rest.  He drained it, in between deep, gulping breaths. Then they began
walking. Somehow, his own power carried him a hundred meters or more before he
was forced to lean on her arm, stronger now than his own.  He could feel the
earth beneath his feet pulling at him, hear the quiet acceptance that waited in
the leaves, and more than anything he simply wanted to sleep, to stop walking
and lay back down and die again to the world.  He shuddered, and did not
succumb.  And walked.

His mother was waiting in the ancient church that stood in the edges of the
grove, standing just inside the door.  She looked unchanged, but she had seemed
worn and time-beaten from his earliest memories.  She hugged him in silence,
stepped back and did not quite smile.  Her voice in his mind was the same pale
echo of speech.

They're coming.  I'm sorry.  I waited until there could be no doubt.

Fri Oct 12 16:10:48 EDT 2001

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