Sunday, October 14, 23:06 CDT

It has been one of those spectacularly beautiful fall weekends which I don't properly know how to describe. Clouds, ever-shifting sunlight, woodsmoke, chainsaws, combines and wind. On Saturday, I borrowed a nice camera that I don't know how to use, and drove around trying to capture something. I think I have a lot of pictures of fields and clouds and trees that may be a waste of film, in failing utterly to convey what I hoped they might. Not a waste of time, though. Just stopping to watch things, waiting for the light to be just right, and really looking at the world - that's worth something.

I was at home today after church, and we made apple cider. It was good. It was windy and kind of cold, and not so much pleasant to be outside as right. The dogs sat in the driveway, chewed on one another, and lifted their noses in unison to the wind in the way that says specifically things are in the air, and we are going to chase them - as soon as you turn your back so that we can run off.

Other things happened too, of course, but that's what I'm going to write here for now.

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