Wednesday, October 17, 16:20 CDT

Well, it's back up.

I went to Radio Shack, and got a splitter cable and a six foot RCA cable. So: I can run the rear channel (or maybe I should switch it to the front; does it matter which the bass box sitting under my desk is hooked up to?) on my soundcard to the auxilliary input on my stereo, such as it is. And I can run my GeForce II MX's TV out to, you guessed it, the TV. I feel, um, empowered or something.

It's Fall Break now. No class tomorrow or Freitag.

Wednesday, October 17, ~5:00 CDT

p1k3 appears to still be down at this point; hopefully it'll be back up later today.

I just finished typing four pages, single spaced, for an intro to anthropology class. This may not seem like a great deal, and in fact, had I started reading the book I chose to write on (Edward Hall's The Hidden Dimension, which was actually downright fascinating) sometime before, oh, 6:30 last night, it would most likely have been a piece o' the proverbial cake. As is, I'm past the head-hitting-desk stage of sleep deprivation. Think I just got my second wind. (Although I could swear all the text on the screen keeps shifting at random from white to grey. That can't be normal.)

The temptation to just stay awake at this point is almost overwhelming. Heck, I could even write some Perl and pretend to be a real hacker...

Hmmm. My left arm just started shaking.

Bed. Right. Good idea.

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