Tuesday, October 2, 21:28 CDT

Sinfest: still rules
Exploitation Now does too, with the usual disclaimers
(faint of heart & finer of sensibility need not apply)
and have I mentioned Ozy & Millie lately? Not bad, if you're looking for whimsy.

studying Deutsch:

possessive adjectives: mein (my), dein (informal your), Ihr (formal your):

Definite & Indefinite Articles:
                    Definite           Indefinite
             SINGULAR      PLURAL       SINGULAR
          ,------------.-----------,  ,----------,
Masculine |   der      |    die    |  |   ein    |
 Feminine |   die      |    die    |  |   eine   |
   Neuter |   das      |    die    |  |   ein    |

So, for example,
The jacket -> die Jacke.
A jacket -> eine Jacke.
The jackets -> die Jacken. (Unless I'm wrong about the plural form of Jacke).
A jackets -> well, that wouldn't make much sense, would it?

::fades away::

Tuesday, October 2, 16:44 CDT

Well, I said I was going to scan some stuff. The lab's closed, however, and rather than jump through hoops to get the key, I'm sitting here messing with VNC, which does the remote-access thing beautifully. I'm looking at my KDE desktop in a 640x480 window on a Windows machine in the library. I feel a need to come up with some kind of practical use for this... Other than avoiding the frustrations of using Windows on a computer that I don't really need to be using anyway. And come to that, I'm typing this in an xterm. A plain-jane old school black and white text box. So pretty much I'm just incurring a ton of extra network overhead so I can have some pretty icons in the background.

Ok, now *that*'s my nerd content for the day. Really.

It's singularly hot outside, for early October. I should probably be out soaking up sun. First I think I'm gonna go check out a book or something. Maybe one of those volumes of Icelandic sagas I stumbled across the other day. My reading has slipped of late.

Tue Oct 2 14:36:14 CDT 2001

TeXmacs looks useful, if you're looking for a slick way to do structured document layout with mathematical symbols and so forth. I've had math teachers who really should've used something like this.

I'm headed over to the library to abuse a scanner for a bit. I'll ftp the unedited stuff I'm grabbing into /imgs, if anyone cares to take a look. I can promise it won't look like much.

Ok, that's my nerd content for the day.

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