Monday, October 8, 18:57 CDT

Decided a while ago to just use a free form date header. Frex,

Monday, October 8, 18:57 CDT
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Monday, October 8
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Mon Oct 8 18:57:16 CDT 2001
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(monday) october eight six:fiftyseven pm two thousand 1 ad
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The Eighth Day of October, in this the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and One, a Monday, at Seven o' Clock


For the last time, it's not Phish singing Gin & Juice in a twangy voiced bluegrass sorta style. It's the Gourds. See: The Gourds ... We Be, which makes absolutely no mention of Gin & Juice, but makes for interesting reading anyway. (Or I suppose if you don't believe me, you could read this, which takes a stab at explaining things.)

Oh yeah. The Nebraska game on Saturday was kinda fun. Not exactly suspenseful, but I've had worse times watching football.

Monday, October 8, 0:50 CDT

Yeah yeah, Gul, I uploaded a file twice. This is what I get for basically concatenating a bunch of text snippets instead of coming up with some kind of real CGI/database/kitchen-sink backend.

One of these days I do desperately need to dive back into Perl and continue developing this site. I've been a mite... Distracted by other things of late. There's a surprise. Actually, life would probably be much cooler if there were more such distractions.

I haven't watched much TV lately, meaning I haven't yet caught an episode of Enterprise. What I hear so far, I'm probably not going to make a great deal of effort.

I caught a couple of ST:TNG eps last week when TNN (when the heck did TNN stop being commercial country music's answer to MTV, anyway? And is that question invalidated by the fact that MTV pretty much quit having anything to do with real music years ago?) was running the whole series as a marathon. They weren't spectacular, but they were enjoyable in the way of decent Trek, which is more than I can say for any Voyager episode I ever sat through.

Maybe Enterprise will somehow survive a mediocre first season to become something more than a dismal ghost of treks past, and prove me wrong; but I have the feeling that Trek is finally and thoroughly dead... Or at least deep in coma, and doomed to remain that way for a very long time.

(New B5 stuff? It can't come too soon. And Lord? Let it not suck. Please.)

'course, it's not like there's no good SF TV on right now. The Sci-Fi channel has actually achieved good original content, I think - The Invisible Man is well written, low key fun that continually impresses me by knowing its own limits and crafting something that looks suspiciously like a burgeoning plot arc within them. Then there's Farscape, which I never manage to watch, but which certainly looks like it's evolved into something worth the time. And of course there's Lexx, which is indisputably bad television, and I do mean that as a complement. It's far from the outright cheesy brilliance of early Red Dwarf, but there's definitely a similar appeal.

And speaking of SFTV, I've managed to catch most of the Cowboy Bebop episodes that Cartoon Network's run so far, and I'm happy to say the show pretty much rules. The rest of the stuff they're running in their Adult Swim block is worth watching too - seems to range from pleasantly ironic to awe inspiringly absurdist, on a level that sometimes makes even Space Ghost: Coast to Coast look relatively sane.

Anyway. Sleep time.

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