Monday, November 12, 23:59 CST

I read Orson Scott Card's Shadow of the Hegemon over the weekend. It was... Well, it was a disappointment, if not a complete waste. Explaining why would demand more space than I'm going to give it here.

I also read Songs of Stars and Shadows, a collection of short stories by George R.R. Martin dating from some time in the mid-to-late 70's. Mostly good, solid stories. Nothing earth shattering, but a satisfying reminder of why the SF short is one of my favorite forms. And maybe an indicator of how far Martin's come in the time since, to be doing something like A Song of Ice and Fire.

Other than that, I mostly slept and ate. Talked to my Aunt Constance, who was here for her annual Fall visit.

Monday, November 12, 16:40 CST

Music -

  • Lemon Jelly -
  • Restiform Bodies -
  • Dispatch -
    • Just ordered Gut The Van, a fat double live album which ought pretty much to rule.
  • The Guess Who -
    • These Eyes, a best-of kinda CD that looks like a lame greatest hits package, but still features some good stuff.

Mon Nov 12 15:20:52 CST 2001


Found a scanner. Messing with it.

Have I ever mentioned that I sort of hate Photoshop?

Huh. No wonder the surface of the glass on the scanner is streaked with fingerprints. It's impossible to pull anything off of it without touching the glass. And of course they actually show up when I start fiddling with the brightness and contrast on these photos.

Methinks I'll see what I can do with what I've got, and come back later to grab the rest.

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