Monday, November 19, 23:52 CST

It still isn't mIRC, but then not much is, and KVirc is a better approximation than most of what I've tried. Definitely a step up from XChat, which has been bugging me for a while.

I tried registering for classes today. Of the six I wanted, composing what I've now come to think of as the ideal schedule, I got three. Three, and I can probably get into #4 without much trouble. So before I leave for a much anticipated Thanksgiving break tomorrow, I've got to come up with five or six more hours worth of classes that don't suck and somehow fit my existing schedule. From that fraction of classes which are still open or to which I could convince someone I ought to be admitted.

There's probably a guttural, massively polysyllabic compound word in German which expresses my feelings at this point. Just assume that I used it, and that it sounded obscene and positively dripped undirected disgust.

I threw a sleeping bag out on the lawn at home Saturday night, and lay under a pile of cats, watching the trickle of meteors for a couple hours. I woke up about 3:30, in time to stare at a bleary gray cloud cover and work on deciding to go in the house and crash on something soft. There was this huge flash. A big one, bright enough to light up the clouds? Must've been. A quarter 'til or so, I could see a star. About a minute after that, the whole sky was as sharp and clear as it'd been all night.

After that, I kind of lost track of time. It couldn't have been long 'til the clouds washed in again, but it was a good not long. There might well be a longish compound word for that one as well. Sense of wonder might do.

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