Tuesday, November 27, 16:28 CST

Sitting here surrounded by a pile of books, papers, and footwear. Should do something about that.

Thanksgiving was almost entirely good. We drove two vehicles to Salina, myself and the sisters listening to burned CD's in the parents' newly acquired '98 Lumina. Drove to the Aunt's house (near Valley Center, which in turn is near Wichita) Thursday. There were better than 30 people there, more of the aunts & uncles & cousins than have gotten together for quite a while, it seemed like. We ate for a while. Then there was turkey, and after that, we ate some more. We played football (loosely speaking) out on the lawn. We ate some more. Talked music with my Uncle. Left late and drove back to Salina.

Friday I saw Harry Potter, which is a vastly more competent and faithful production than I should have expected. (Also a kind of patchwork, paint by numbers feeling to the whole thing. But more on that later.) Then we headed to my mom's parents' house, where I slept a lot and talked some with my grandparents, who are deeply sincere and pleasant people even when they're a little nuts. Listened to my Grandma fiddle around with an ancient guitar, and went through old 45's of ancient Country / Western and weird old pop and rock. Sunday we drove sporadically home. I bought a copy of Rudy Rucker's Software at a Barnes & Noble in Lincoln.

Thursday, Jeremy and I are going to head for Kansas City and a Jimmy Eat World / Tenacious D / Weezer concert. Which means that right now I need to hit the library and find an anthropological case study, or something like that, to write a short paper on.

The semester's grinding to a halt here, though I can't for the life of me remember how I've spent it or if I've learned anything. I feel like I'm in some kind of holding pattern, pacing back and forth on endless gray carpet and just waiting for something to happen, willing it to happen, but not quite mustering the energy to make a break. (It's too bad whinging mixed metaphors aren't considered an art form.)

I'm going to go eat, *then* I'm going to check out a book. Then I'll come back here and finish writing this, and then I'll read for a while. Yeah. It's good to have a plan.

Still doesn't account for the pile of stuff on the floor that I was going to do something about yesterday.

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