Thursday, November 8, 16:65 CST

Yes Eric, you're pretty much just rambling for the benefit of a couple of friends. You get used to it after a year or three.

Hey, at least you're rambling in consistent depth and volume. That's something of an achievement in and of itself.

Meanwhile, despite my best intentions, p1k3 (like Brennen's Home Page before it), remains a steady trickle of inanity. A largely unrealized vision; something that could be worthwhile, but never quite gets there. I've come to realize that the egotistical, immature, and inane quote I used to have heading the page was always more or less true. My high school British lit teacher, for all that she was a tad unhinged at the time, nailed it on that one.

There's a story there, though not a particularly interesting one. Mrs. Brandow, if you ever happen to read this, you were right. And no, Excalibur really isn't that bad. It's cheesy as all hell, but it's not that bad. I apologize, and humbly suggest that an episode or two of the late, lamented Mystery Science Theater 3000 might provide some extenuating context for my attitude. Not much, but then I've never been all that funny.

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