Friday, November 9, 14:31 CST

I have a class right now. I'm not there.

Around the time I graduated from highschool, I had a minor epiphany. You know the kind - they nearly always come when some phase of your life is about to end. Suddenly everything clicks. You briefly apprehend the true shape of the universe. It doesn't easily boil down into words; if it did, I doubt it'd be much of an epiphany. I think the shift happens to a lot of people - in this case let's say those for whom time didn't stop the day they graduated - but often I think we fail to register it on a conscious level. It just seems like that's the way it's always been.

Anyway, if I have a point, it's that after my 14 year stint in K-12 public education was over, some part of what I realized was that I should've skipped more class.

It came time to register for classes again this week.

I'd already decided that next is the last semester I'm spending at WSC. I don't mean I'm thinking of going somewhere else. I mean I'm flat out, unambiguously, without question, leaving.

Arguably I should have already done that, but then arguably I shouldn't have come here in the first place. Why cry over spilt beer, right? (Or is it milk over the bridge? Something like that.)

Anyway. I came up with this brilliant plan for next semester: It consists of taking a bunch of art classes that'll probably transfer [somewhere], and thus being well on my way to an art/design minor of some kind, which couldn't hurt to have. Meanwhile, I'm going to read a lot, write a lot, and make a point of not registering for fall classes here. By the time this Summer rolls around, I'm going to know where [somewhere] is, and then I'll go there. I've also decided never again to waste precious hours of my life on a stupid, pointless gen. ed. course, which is a broad statement to be making, but it seems like a good thing to make part of my Master Plan.

So it's not a brilliant plan. But it's a plan. Kinda. And if I do it right, I have a feeling that it might be a little closer than other things to what I will realize I should have done after it's too late to do much of anything about it.

Anyone get the feeling I'm better off thinking this sort of thing than telling the rest of the world about it?

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