Saturday, December 15

Brennen does the cross-site dialog thing

(While being too lazy to provide meaningful context for the discussion.)

Brent - Megatokyo:
I contend that it is possible to regularly update a site, whether it's a weblog, or a comic, or whatever. Yeah, a lot of sites aren't updated regularly, but those that promise to be updated regularly, should be. Piro has repeatedly committed to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. He doesn't maintain that pace, but he also refuses to change his promise. Something's wrong there.

I don't disagree at all that a site can be regularly updated, as a lot of Piro's peers in the webcomic, um, genre (field?) prove in spades. I just think that what's wrong there is Piro's unrealistic attitude towards his schedule. If he can't keep up the pace, there's nothing deeply wrong with that, but he should change the schedule. Or, heck, drop it altogether. I imagine that I'll update this when I can, coupled with every effort to make timely updates, makes for a lot less disappointment than New comic tomorrow! coupled with the inevitable deadline slippage.


Eric - Megatokyo: Yeah, I kind of ignored your point about retracting a cartoon because some fans whine about it and/or you need the no really, it's good ego boost... A point with which I'm pretty much in agreement. If an artist's job was defined by slavish devotion to the majority's (or whining minority's) expectations, great art would never happen. The best we'd ever hit would be moderately amusing. Should you try to please your fans? Absolutely. Should you cower obediently when some of them turn out to think they should be making your decisions for you? Bleah.

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