Friday, December 7, 20:52 CST

8:53 PM. Room 215, Morey Hall, Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska.

Awright everybody, 'Keep it Like A Secret' is the new album from -
The scenery rides by, just like floats lost in a parade...

Click click, whack thud clickclickclicka... Keyboard noises. Lots of them, but not the productive kind. More the desperately bored and killing time kind.

Mostly bare walls, institutional off-white. One poster of Dr. Evil (think Austin Powers), one small In Show & Concert! BOB DYLAN And His Band poster, one glittery angel-winged Gundam hanging above the TV. Big red Huskers cloth hanging North window. Green, beige, and red linoleum mostly obscured by gray carpet. Unmade bunk beds, the lower obscured by several articles of clothing (all dark colors), a backpack, and random sheets of paper. Music (another indie pop song of some description is playing now, it might well be Beulah, but doesn't sound trippy enough to be the Apples in Stereo) insufficiently masks the unmistakable drone of outsized, heavily ventilated tower cases and the thin whine of monitors.

There is stuff piled everywhere. Especially around the desk next to the door. Mostly books, if you look at the pile. Roughly half of them textbooks that someone should have known better than to purchase in the first place. Someone who will soon be taking the shaft from a giant corporation (Barnes & Noble, in point of fact) on resale value.

I am going to snap.

Friday, December 7, 17:04 CST

Ok, it's dependent on JavaScript, which I'm loathe to get used to in sites I actually like. And it's a bunch of big, fat graphics that might suck to be pulling off a modem connection.

I don't care. is still the coolest useless thing I have ever seen on the web.

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