Thursday, February 15, 12:27 CST
Well, as of Tuesday, I'm officially 20 years old. No longer a teenager.


Going to be out of town 'til Sunday or Monday.


Blue sky, snowing heavily.


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Sunday, February 11, 21:14 CST
Saw O Brother Where Art Thou last night. Excellent flick, which I shall review tomorrow.

Right after I play some more Unreal Tournament...

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Tuesday, February 6, 15:25 CST
(Actually, I haven't a clue how music reviews should be written, else I'd probably be doing it myself.)

I've been messing a little with BeOS Personal Edition, the free-to-download version they've released. Runs from a 500 meg virtual disk and boots directly from Windows.

I do like Be; the interface is clean, it's fast, and it has an excellent feature set. Unfortunately, it appears to be lacking token ring support, which means that it's next to useless to me at this point.

Of course, I still haven't gotten this token ring card working under Linux either. Why can't this whole campus just be using Ethernet?

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Monday, February 5, 6:17 CST

So I'm sitting here listening to Weezer, and thinking Man, I miss the mid-90's.

What does that say about the 21st century so far?

Been watching Babylon 5 lately? A lot of great episodes towards the end of season 4, even if the whole thing is kind of compressed.

How music reviews should be written.

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Sunday, February 4, 8:46 CST
How is it possible that I misplaced all of those stamps? ARGH!

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Saturday, February 3, 0:43 CST
Today's lesson: Microwaves do bad things to Pop Tarts (tm).

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Thursday, February 1, 15:26 CST
Day... Week... What's the difference?

So, anyway... Getting my car stuck, in white-out conditions, on the way home last Thursday morning kinda sucked, but once we actually made it to Kansas City (and figured out where to go), the concert was good. Green Day puts on a good show, and their opening act, The Get Up Kids (who started off by blasting the opening of Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" right before they started playing and the lights went off) were surprisingly good.

Also saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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