Friday, March 16, 14:09 CST

Might as well update this again... Never going to get back into the habit any other way.

Dang, but this page is getting long. I'll be fixing that Real Soon Now, Honest.

Looks like Brent's distributed animation project might just be getting underway - here's hoping we (he, really - not like I've done anything here yet) can find more people interested in doing animation... (If you or someone you know happen to *be* such a person, this'd be a request to contact one of us (login: guest, passwd: guest).)

Downloaded WinMX the other night... Slightly flaky, not open code, and the interface isn't standard by any stretch of the imagination, but it's still probably the best Windows Napster/OpenNap client I've tried yet. Being able to transfer any filetype with this protocol is a wonderful thing.

Aside from the usual low-level musical copyright infringement, I've been finding all sorts of interesting stuff that just doesn't seem to be available anywhere else. For example, an episode of a radio drama called X Minus 1 - A dramatization of Robert Heinlein's "The Green Hills of Earth". Apparently mass filesharing has provided a new medium for people who collect episodes of old time radio shows. The files are huge, but if anyone else can think of a better way to abuse the bandwidth I have here, I'd be glad to hear it...

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