Monday, March 26, 18:39 CST
Managed to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon again, this time with my mom and sister, who both enjoyed it. I'm assuming the only reason it was in a local theater was the slew of Oscar nominations, about which I certainly can't complain.

Movie rules.

It should've won Best Picture, but I suppose Gladiator was a reasonable second choice. Not that there's usually that much connection between the best film in a given year and the Academy's pick for same...

I managed to avoid buying any DVDs, music, or games this weekend, but my defenses didn't stand up to the books. Walked out of Waldenbooks with a copy of Gun, with Occasional Music. Not exactly a great book, but that has to be one of the coolest titles of all time.

Spent a couple hours on IRC last night, mostly arguing over which character designs to use for Wine to Those in Anguish, which would be a much less enjoyable task if the guy doing the designs didn't have some real talent.

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