Wednesday, April 25, 23:42 CDT

I finished The Death of the Necromancer... Decent, I guess.

Wednesday, April 25, 13:04 CDT

I think I've decided that kuro5hin just isn't worth all that much of my time. It's not that it doesn't have both content and quite a few intelligent people putting effort into it. It's just that nearly every time I actually read any story or the discussion on it, I find myself frustrated rather than, say, enlightened, challenged, or even mildly amused...

I'm fast coming to the conclusion that what I really want out of the 'net communication that I participate in, despite my love of a good argument, is not a steady flow of disagreement over nearly every possible human belief or idea. Weird as it may seem, I want to find things that I have in common with others. I'm not talking about glossing over genuine differences - just building something on what you do share, without raging endlessly at what's different.

At any rate, it is a surpassingly beautiful day outside, and I fully intend to go make the most of it in the hour remaining before my drawing class starts and I have to find a way to salvage my rather badly begun final project.

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