Sat Apr 28 00:59:35 CDT 2001

(Can you tell I was too lazy to type a date? Come to think of it, why put a date in the entry at all? Might as well let the script do that...)

Ever heard The Rolling Stones' Rock & Roll Circus? Good stuff. Aside from the bit with Yoko Ono wailing, but I suppose everything has to have *some* flaw.

Coolness. Stephen's updating again too. Must be something about this time of year. :)

Gul, if you're still reading this, I'll e-mail ya one of these days. Been too long...

I'm at home for the weekend, as usual. Spent today chainsawing, cleaning up brush, and pulling nails out out of a roof we're going to cover in tin. (Which sucked largely because really old, moss covered wooden shingles produce some incredibly nasty dust when you stir them up on a windy day. I'm still not breathing right...)

I think I'm sunburned.

One more week of school. And then, Summer.

Summer rules.

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