Sunday, April 29, 15:05 CDT

Happy b-day, Gul.

Well, in about 5 minutes, I'm going to start my take-home final for drawing, then perhaps think about the homework and extra credit project due tomorrow... Might as well update this first, though.

I just stumbled across something that looks like it might be Very Cool - Squeak is apparently a cross-platform Smalltalk implementation that, from a cursory inspection, does some really impressive stuff. To be more specific, fire it up and you get a sort of desktop with some text windows which lead to all sorts of interesting little demos - a built in graphics framework, music support, 'net tools, etc. Apparently you can share and publish stuff over the Internet, and treat code you write almost like a web page. It's also free software.

I haven't spent any real time playing with it yet, and I know little to nothing about SmallTalk, but for anyone who remembers HyperCard with any fondness at all (or has heard me enthuse about it), this looks worth checking out.

Lake Effect, one of the half dozen or weblogs I skim relatively often, has a new design that uses nothing but CSS for layout. And amazingly enough, it's completely readable in Lynx, which would definitely be untrue of the hideous mass of tables that would otherwise be required to achieve the same effect... Yep, this is definitely a good idea.

S'pose I had better go do that test now.

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