Monday, May 21, 20:58 CDT

Ok, I'm back. Not that I was ever gone, exactly, but I'm running a real OS again and can probably update this regularly for a few days ('til I leave for a week on Thursday).

So what's happened that I haven't made mention of? Probably more than I'll ever remember.

My cousin Kylie graduated from high school at Laurel (congrats).

My good friend Ben Kreis, a guy I hung out with for something like a decade before he moved to Colorado a few years ago, dropped the news that he's getting married. I've heard more surprising things, but not often.

Douglas Adams died. Damn.

(How did Newsweek know that before I did?)

Just realized my update script is still very much unfinished. I'll dive back into that again soon, I promise. Just as soon as I finish compiling a 2.4.4 kernel for sound support.

p1k3 / 2001 / 5 / 21