Thursday, May 3, 13:48 CDT

I have a test in a couple of hours, an another at 10:30 tomorrow... And that's it. A year of college, done.

Sitting, as I am, in a windowless computer lab in the painfully mundane depths of the Business building, I can't be sure - but it's probably still raining outside. The sort of rain that comes down all day, not exactly hard, but with enough persistence to thoroughly saturate everything.

It always rains like this right when I'm getting out of school. One of those patterns that tie a set of memories together until you can sort of see it stretching back through your life as a single image... (Aside from last year, but I figure when you're graduating might be an exception of some sort.)

I suppose I'd best wander back through the drizzle to the dorm room and skim my notes before that test. Or sit in a chair in the middle of the room, eating goldfish crackers and playing Physical Graffiti. One of the two.

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