Monday, June 18, 14:09 CDT

I've somehow been too busy lately to spend much time on the computer, which certainly isn't all bad.

Saturday I drug myself out of bed around 6:00 (a time I'm more likely to see before I sleep than after), to help my parents get ready for the first day of the farmer's market they've been doing in town. Sold a decent amount of stuff, but it's pretty obvious we're not going to make much profit at this. It does serve as a good excuse for the continually spreading garden, though.

I saw Tomb Raider Saturday night, unfortunately. Just finished writing up a review.

I finished reading Dan Simmons' The Fall of Hyperion last week. I think it almost managed to live up to Hyperion, and it certainly had more in the way of plot resolution. I picked up Endymion the next day; still not sure about this one, but unless things go sharply downhill, I'll probably finish the series.

I've also been reading Louis L'amour's Education of a Wandering Man, which is a not-quite autobiography focused on the books and experiences L'amour learned from in the course of his self determined education. I don't think it's quite the book he set out to write, but it's far more interesting for all the side trails it follows.

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