Saturday, June 23, 16:35 CDT

Here, have a review of Shrek.

The family's in the house watching O Brother, Where Art Thou? for maybe the third time since we rented it yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's the music that accounts for its sheer re-watchability. (Though Coen bros. movies in general seem to be pretty high on the scale.) My dad picked up the soundtrack last week, and it's seen a lot of playing time. It's always good to find more music that I can share with my parents - somehow, they don't seem to find much appeal in the stuff I would've been listening to if I'd grown up when they did. If that makes any sense.

O Brother's soundtrack is a beautiful thing, really. It's full of the kind of music that you simply don't *hear* in major commercial media; music which was truly a creation of this country's people. And though it's presented in an accessible way, it does still seem strange to those of us raised on media drenched in overproduced pop and rock completely removed from its origins. Strange, but familiar, too...

Seems like this soundtrack would make a good first attempt at a music review. Perhaps I'll go get started on that.

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