Sunday, June 24, 15:37 CDT

Ok, so Google sucked up the former DejaNews a while back and turned it into Google Groups, thus moving one step closer to being the single most useful site on the web.

It looks like they've been doing good things with it. I hadn't been paying much attention, but since I last checked, they've restored the old Deja archive that went back as far as 1995, and added the ability to post new messages. They're also running a much cleaner, simpler interface than Deja ever did - multiple posts on a page, readable fonts, no blaring banner ads, dirt simple navigation.

The biggest downside I can see to this is that now pretty much everything I've ever posted to Usenet is available. There's hardly anything there, but a quick glance at the stuff posted under my name shows that most of it makes me look like an idiot.

Oh well. I was younger and stupider then, right? Right.

(Usenet Help at ibiblio.)

Man, *this* is a nostalgia trip...

As it's too hot to think any more right now, I believe I'll retreat to the air conditioned house.

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