Tuesday, June 5, 23:44 CDT

Downloading Konqueror again. Mozilla is workable and occasionally even quite nice, but still a bit flaky - a good alternative would be nice.

I think I decided on a new format for this page today. Something a little more stream-of-consciousness, but still easily navigable. (Well, to be honest it's not like it's easily navigable now, but I like to think that if I were just a little less lazy, this site would be a model of near-perfect user interaction. I'm deluding myself, aren't I?)

I've ripped quite a few CD's in the past couple days, and I'm discovering that probably the most useful advantage of storing music as a set of files is that it maps nicely to the Unix command line model. Being able to give one-line commands that say things like play all of my U2 tracks rules, especially as opposed to sorting through a pile of physical media to find the right discs.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, animated? I've heard worse ideas, but if they attempt to cater to what American audiences expect from animation, they can only fail miserably. Still, there is a lot of potential material there, and there's nothing that says it *can't* be done. I expect a lot of serious anime fans would agree.

xearth is a cool toy. Changes your root window display to a view of Earth from a given point in space, shaded to show current daylight. Ok, so I'm easily amused, but I think I'll leave it there. Good for one's perspective, somehow.

Tuesday, June 5, 10:51 CDT

I finished re-reading The Lions of Al-Rassan last night. Discovered that, though some of its impact hinges on a lack of foreknowledge, it remains an intensely powerful work.

And then again, the individual who I'd loaned it to never got much past the first few chapters, and Brent doesn't seem to have enoyed it much. I think I'll give up trying to predict what others will like.

And on that note, I just posted a somewhat incomplete review of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

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